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SNOW-litter DB: 2014-11-18 CH F Escape's White Wich & D PeshewaFarm Pierre (SnowFlake Sam, PolarBear, Penguin Star, SnowPearl, SnowDrop, Ginger Blizzard)
CANDY-litter DB: 2014-11-06 S*IsaRos Lynx Beauty Bon-Bon & D* PeshewaFarm Pierre (Candy King, Caramel Creme, Buttermint Creme, Blueberry Muffin, Raspberry Muffin, BlueJelly Bean, Chocolate Cookie, Tutti-Frutti)
WITCH & WIZARDS - litter DB: 2013-11-17 CH FI* Escape's White Witch & CH S*IsaRos Lynx Eye Of The Tiger (Merlin, Vanora, Zoe, Phoebe, Albus Dumledore)
JEANS-litter DB: 2013-11-13 N*Castlehill's Odd Molly & CH S*IsaRos Lynx Eye Of The Tiger (Diesel, Jackpot, Samurai, Sugacane, Miss Sixty)
B & B- litter DB 2013-01-20 after S*IsaRos Lynx Twiligt & D* Sequaya's Fighter (Born To Be Alive , Beauty Bon-Bon)
SURPRISE_kullen 2012-07-08 Catlehill's Odd Molly & D* PeshewaFarm Flying Magic Surprise Moment, Magic Surprise, Surprise Love)
IRON- litter - DB: 2012-06-22 S*IsaRos Lynx Twiligt & D*PeshewaFarm Flying Magic (Iron Rose, Iron Maiden Iron Man)
BLUE_- litter DB: 2012-07-08 N*Castlehill's Odd Molly & D* PeshewaFarm Flying Magic ( Amazing Blue, Euphoria Blue)
TIGER-littter DB: 2011-11-09 S*IsaRos Lynx Savagr Rose & D*PeshewaFarm Flying Magic (Eye Of The Tiger, Tiger By My Side )
KING OF HEART singel child DB: 2010-11-29 after CH S* IsaRos Lynx Nepthys & CH Lynxarella's Golden Dream
SPACE-litter DB: 2010-05-20 CH S*Angel Spirit Amber & GIC S*Tassfarnes Napolion Black Estetica, Red Satellit, Black Enigma, Black Avatar, Red Sirius )
SAVAGE ROSE - singlechild DB: 2009-11-03 after CH Angel Spirit Amber & S* Lundgårdens Tiger
TWILIGHT- litter DB: 2009-06-20 After *GIC Tassfarmen's Napolion & CH IsaRos Lynx Nepthys Decode,Spotlight, Satellite, Twilight CH S*IsaRos Lynx Nepthys & GIC Tassfarmens Napolion
ROCK'ROLL -litter DB: 2008-09-04 After S* CH Moon Kewas Rock Republic. Little Red Man, Touch Of Red, Back In Black, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Black Magic, In Flames, Nightwish, Black Celebration (on phot Red Hot Chilipepper)
WHITE-litter DB: 2007-10-21 S*Izoleyas Angel Dust & S*Megaton Vanity Girl. White Miracle, White Spirit, Shantaram, Kali, Istas, Elvis
SILVER -litter DB: 2007-07-02 After S*Lynxarella's Bermuda Skyy & S*Megaton Vanessa's Pride. Argos, Adonis, Ajax, Apollon, Artemis, Athena, Aglaia, Afrodite, Astraia
GOLD-litter DB:2006-12-24 S*Megaton Vanity Girl & GIC S*Tigerhuset's Ramses. Nepthys. Isis, Nepthys, Geb, Tuthankamon